We take up engineering animation works for all kind of Laser and CNC machines, designs and automated mechanics to virualy shows how the machine works.


Visual effects for TV programs, advertisements, Set Designing and in imparting Visual Effects in the videos are the areas in which we are the pioneers


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XYZ AXIS is the market leader in civil construction design animation. We can develop highly complicated and creative designs modelled in 3D animation.


XYZ Axis provides high quality 3D interactive presentation for fully customized dimensional campaign. We also develop E-Learning animation.
  • "The accessible location, flexible fee structure, top class training enables us to realize our dreams within a short time"

    Balasubramaniyan Ramesh
    UI designer, Excelacom

  • "XYZ Axiz just taps our creative talent on a right track and builds our confidence."

    Graphic Designer, U.A.E

  • "I feel that we have attained the global professional standards after completing the 3D modeling and animation at XYZ Axis"

    Arun Saravanan
    Prisam India Ltd.

  • "XYZ Axis's goals has always been to create an educationak environment unlike any other."

    Senior Animator, Sharjah Television